All About Adult Scoliosis

The curvature that hurts
Back pain is now a civilization disease. In developed countries up to 60 - 80 percent. people have experienced pain located in the lower back at least once in their lives .

Why is this happening?

Usually due to sedentary lifestyle, negligible physical activity, overweight, ill-chosen workplace, bad habits regarding standing or sitting.
Our spine does not like … a smartphone
The most important thing is that a lot of time spent in front of a computer or smartphone is a factor determining the formation of the wrong figure from an early age. Scoliosis is one of the most common posture defects diagnosed in children and adolescents.
- The consequences of untreated scoliosis can lead to the development of many pathologies:
muscle contracture, irreversible bone deformities, joint surface deformities, and of course, severe pain and gait disturbances - reminds Aleksandra Bula, a specialist in physiotherapy, who has been promoting an active lifestyle for years.
It will not pass by itself.
Compression on internal organs, caused by incorrect positioning of the chest, may contribute to the initiation of problems within the circulatory and respiratory system.
Aleksandra Bula
A specialist in the field of physiotherapy, who has been promoting an active lifestyle for years
It mainly concerns disorders of the lungs, heart and blood vessels. Patients also often have reduced self-esteem and a sense of lack of confidence due to their inability to meet social standards regarding appearance.

With a slight curvature of the spine, first of all, regular exercises under the guidance of a specialist and adherence to several "golden rules" are recommended.
What? It is important to carry the backpack on two shoulders, and if we have something heavy in the bag - let's split the contents into two smaller packages. Let's learn healthy … stand and sit. We always stand symmetrically on two legs without bending, and sit, e.g. without rolling our legs under the buttocks.

If there are major pain, surgery should be considered.
When it still hurts
If, despite the intense actions, the pain does not go away and the curvature increases - it is worth considering undertaking surgical treatment to permanently correct the deformation of our spine. Of course, such a decision must be discussed in detail with the doctor.

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